YOUR PALCE FOR A.I.  Learning  (Artificial Intelligence)



Please note that Moov will start only in Johannesburg CBD, we will during the course of the year expand the centres.

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Massive Open Online Varsity (MOOV) is a revolutionary new concept to bring the worlds best universities to everyone with a will to learn. We base our programmes on the the best and most suitable MOOC's.

Many feel the opportunity for tertiary and vocational training has passed them by. They may feel that they never managed to attain enough at school or at basic tertiary levels. Many never had an opportunity at all. There are many reasons why this may be so. At Moov many of these reasons no longer exist.

We break down all the traditional barriers to high quality learning. There are no entrance requirements, no fixed times and we are in an open public space. If you can put in the effort we can take you to the highest levels of learning.

We have decided to initially start with support for Computer Fields and Business related subjects. We carefully curate learning paths that lead to skill sets with high employment demand. You are more than welcome to come study Science ,Engineering etc.. in a great environment.

After taking more than 15000 students through our systems we are excited about our new phase.  We are going to lean towards teaching A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). This may sound daunting, but there is a large scope of different fields contained here. From maths  ( and now you will see how cool it can be) to music composition and photography. Don't worry about the machines taking jobs, you will run the machines. We look forward to this exciting and stimulating journey.

 Student Lectures

Student Lectures

There is a place where you can realise your dreams and aspirations. A place that respects you and your will to learn. Moov brings lectures from the best in the world.  We currently focus on Information Technology and Business skills.  We have looked at the most efficient route to high level employment and fulfilment in these areas.

If you have the will we have the route.

You can realise your future potential without having to move backwards. Pick your direction and give it a try. You can do high levels of computer science even if you thought you were not good at Mathematics and Analytic Thought. Give yourself the chance. No questions asked give it a try.


Over 15 000 students have joined....     We will continue to serve you with a great Learning Experience. 


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If you have the will, we are the way.


We have a structured programme for you........